Shoulder Surgery Update – August 2015

As many of you know, I recently had shoulder surgery, and I wanted to provide an update.

Now there seem to be conflicting and contradictory stories about how I hurt my shoulder in the first place. One version had me attacked by a Grizzly bear while hiking in Yellowstone. Another had me paddling in the South China seas looking for the missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft. Yet another had me hurting my shoulder while doing recon work on an ISIS encampment in Afghanistan.

Basecamp for K2

The truth is that I was wrestling with a Cheetah that had come upon me as I was setting up basecamp to climb K2 in the Himalayan Mountains. You say, Cheetahs in the Himalayan Mountains? Exactly! Who knew! Well, me now. Won’t make that mistake again. Will bring my Cheetah-Away Spray on future trips.

Dirty rotten Cheetah

Anyway, enough about you – let’s hear more about me. Shoulder is recovering nicely (doctor was pleased with his own work – what a shock), will be another several months of wearing a sling and physical therapy, but light at the end of the tunnel. The first (and last) casualty of this whole ordeal has been the loss of a normal night sleep, but hoping that will return in time.

Me before surgery
Me post surgery

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PS: I had to use stock photos on this post since crack addicts in the projects (ahem, housing development) where I live stole my camera. Bastards.

4 thoughts on “Shoulder Surgery Update – August 2015

  1. Brad, I am glad to hear you are on the mend. I had heard that you stumbled upon two mating yak whilst trekking the Himalayans and thought they were injuring one another. Being the gentleman that you are, you tried to separate the pair and encountered the business end of the aggravated male and the fun end of the frustrated female.

    Needless to say, I am thankful that it your shoulder repair surgery has been a success and there was no treatment needed for possible yak molestation. Heal well and travel on my friend!!

  2. It appears the surgery has amplified your already active imagination, Lets get together soon with the saintly wives for dinner.

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