Prince – Nov 2017

Someone once asked Eric Clapton what is was like to be the greatest guitar player in the world. He responded, “I don’t know. Ask Prince”.

We saw Prince in Atlanta some years ago, and let me tell you – my ass didn’t hit the seat from the time he came on until the moment he left. What a showman, as well as one of the best guitarists – ever.

Prince passed away in 2016.  Enjoy a few clips from his body of work. And don’t even think about listening to any of these clips if you can’t crank up the volume. And don’t try this all in one sitting.

Prince jamming the blues… this is un-freaking believable…

Blues in C (If I Had a Harem)…

This is an amazing recording from the 2005 NAACP Image Awards and includes Morris Day and Sheila E – OMG!

One of the special honors (I would imagine) for any artist would be to be asked to perform at the SuperBowl. Not your classical musical performance venue, but with 100,000 local audience and 100 million more on TV, this is epic under any scenario. Watch this clip from Super Bowl XLI…

In a great story about Prince as related by Jimmy Fallon…

Here is another clip, with Prince doing Just My Imagination, where a couple of minutes into the song he lets loose on his guitar…

Crazy? Hell YES! Prince with Cee lo Green…

From the 2004 Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame Inductions, with Tom Petty (another sad loss this year). Prince doesn’t come in until near the end of the song, but then shreds it.

Sadly, we have lost Prince (and many other great artists). Here is a special clip from the 2016 BET Awards performance by Sheila E as tribute to Prince…


Thank you Prince.

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