Shoulder Surgery, Again! – Feb 2019

For those of you who have wasted the last four years as a result of reading this blog, you know that I previously went under the knife and had shoulder surgery.  I am doing it again in a week.  I’m doing it with a real doctor this time – no more hair stylist interns performing surgery on me.   I am finally growing up.

Almost four years ago I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder, so this time I thought it would be cool to do my left.  Prior to my last operation, I asked the doctor to make it look like a bullet wound, which he declined, but he did offer to make it look like a vicious knife wound. You have to love a doctor with strong moral fiber.  I think the last operation came out pretty well, don’t you think?  You’d never know I had an operation – I look bitchin’!

It’s Eye-gor

This has been an interesting last few months; for those of you who have bought stocks in the medical industry, you are welcome.  We are doing our share for keeping the medical community and medical device manufacturers at growth levels previously unseen.

At the end of last year, I broke a pelvic bone skiing, was evacuated off the mountain on a sled, went to the hospital ER, and was on crutches for a month or so.  

Several weeks ago, Karen had her hip replaced and is going through physical therapy as we speak. And now, I will have shoulder surgery, will be in a sling for 6-8 weeks, and expect to be in physical therapy for a number of months after that.  You may not recognize me when I am done.

The $597 Man

Because we are new to our area here in New Hampshire, we feel a little uncomfortable that our neighbors will think we are serial medical users.  I am sure our neighbors are thinking what is wrong with these new people!  

We have asked our previous neighbors in Georgia to write a certification letter, stating that really, honestly, we are generally healthy, have not had the need for medical attention in years and that this current need for medical care is not just a pathetic cry for attention.   Swing by the house if you want to check on our status – you’ll know our house – it’ll be the one with the red and white flag

Sheet happens as the saying goes.  Since this is my left arm, and of course I am left handed, I won’t be able to hold a camera or write a post for a while (yeah you say), so if the blog sounds a little quiet and introspective over the next few months you will know why.  We still love you.  Well, not you, but really, everyone else.

2 thoughts on “Shoulder Surgery, Again! – Feb 2019

  1. This may be a double post so sorry! Hoping for a speedy recovery for you and Karen. Get a zero gravity chair. I used one the first 3 weeks for sleeping and living in and it saved my life following my rotator cuff surgery.

  2. Poor you. Been there. Done that. A zero gravity chair (Lafuma) was awesome for the first 3 weeks. Hoping for a speedy recovery for you and Karen.

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