M. A. S. H. – Mar 2016

This ain’t no disco. It ain’t no country club either. This is LA!

First, apologies to our LA area peeps that we did not get to see this trip. We did, however, get together for dinner with our friends Lloyd (my college roommate) and his wife Ann.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 5.06.42 PM.png
Here we are at dinner – file photo

Like Sheryl Crow says, all I want to do is have some fun. We found ourselves having fun just north of L.A., in Calabasas, in and around Malibu, Santa Monica pier, Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), Point Mugu…




Our trip to the general LA area put us at Malibu Creek SP, located in Calabasas and just a wee bit north of the city. No services, but very pretty area.




It seems like when you are here in the LA area you are never far from Hollywood. There is a part of the state park that was the site of the set for M.A.S.H., and a hike of about 3 miles gets you onto the set. Well, not exactly a set at this point. But still very cool.







6 thoughts on “M. A. S. H. – Mar 2016

  1. Michael and I have loved following your blog and travels since Canopener. We are the couple with the same truck and I pumped you for info on your shoulder surgery. Looks like a fabulous trip. We are wrapping up loose ends with retirement and getting ready to hit the road some. One question for you. I think you have a “cauldron” for fires. How do you travel with it and lift it? IF I am off, we are looking for a solution for campfires in areas that are restricted. THanks for your input. Take care and safe travels.
    Judy Shelley

    1. Judy, thanks for the kind words and of course we remember you guys. After all, with such good taste for a truck and trailer… As to the fire pit, and this will sound like heresy to anyone who knows me, I recently bought a propane fire pit (Lowe’s for like $100). I had an extra 30 pound bottle of propane that I keep in the back of the truck (another story for another time), and so I had an “extension cord” for propane built for me. This way I can leave the propane bottle in the back of the truck and yet keep the fire pit near the trailer or wherever we choose. In addition, I purchased a small propane grill (Home Depot for about $100) and have a short (5 foot) propane line that attaches to the grill (I grill on the tailgate of the truck). So imagine this “T” hose assembly with two lines (each with separate knobs and regulators), one that is 5 feet for the gas grill, and the other which is about 30 feet for the fire pit, each which can be running simultaneously. At some point I’ll have to take pictures. The thing I found is that firewood can be expensive and is very tightly regulated in some places, and not even an option in more and more places. And I didn’t want to keep hauling firewood and charcoal if I could use one fuel source as a choice. Long winded explanation, but feel free to ask any more questions as you go along! Good luck with retirement – and see you down the road!! BTW, Thor, Cauldron of Death, is light enough to pick up with one hand. Brad

      1. Thanks. One more question. What generator are yall using. We are looking at getting 2 HOnda 2000 and running parallel. MIchael doesn’t want to mess with gas, the gas smell in the back of the truck, etc. and is hesitant. We have heard folks convert them to propane after the warranties are up. What do you guys use? Much thanks. BTW, one month post rotator cuff repair and I am doing great. (Knock on wood!) Take care and thanks for your input.


      2. Great to hear about your recovery! Keep doing what the doctor says, and don’t be stupid! 🙂 We use a Honda 3000, runs on gas. I leave it seated in the bed of the truck and just run a cord out when needed. I open the oversized windows on the sides of the truck cap to provide ventilation – works great. Now I can see the benefits of retrofitting it to propane in order to reduce the various fuel supplies – that makes great sense to me. But for now it is gas. I bought a scissor hydraulic table at Harbor Freight or Northern Tool (or some such place) which I leave the 3000 on when not in use at home. When loading up the truck, I just raise the table and it gets the generator almost to the truck bed height and I just swivel it in to the truck – it never moves again until I get home. I also have a Honda 2000, but quite frankly I like the 3000 better for some reason.

  2. So very cool! Hey-We are in Savannah full time now–so whenever you are making a trip to the other coast- let us know!

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