Airstreaming Part 2: The People – Dec 2021

Both my wife and I are card-carrying introverts.  You wouldn’t know that from looking at these pictures, but it is true.  We generally have a closer affinity to dogs than people.

And yet we both feel the community of Airstreamers is one of the most significant attributes of the entire Airstream “thing”.  We have created long-lasting and close friendships and enjoy sharing camaraderie, whether it is on the open road, congregating at TCPC on the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau – one of our favorite places, or from time-to-time meeting at various rallies of one sort or another.

The Airstream community is extremely active and helpful in finding answers to questions you might have about Airstreams, which is great.  But what I am talking about is the up close and personal relationships that have been created over the years because of this Airstream kinship.

It would be easy if you were comparing RV’s to look at features and benefits, pricing, availability, reputation and a host of other criteria.  I mean, who looks at the user community to choose one RV over another?  You would be missing one of the key attributes to owning an Airstream if you were to ignore this characteristic.

We have seen our own kids and kids of other Airstreamers grow and mature before our eyes.  We know more about some of our Airstream friends than is probably healthy.

If you were in the market to buy an Airstream, the community likely begins before you buy your first Airstream.  It may be a rust bucket (actually, they are aluminum – it will not be a rust bucket, but you get the idea), gently used,  or brand new out of the wrapper, but the community does not care.  An Airstream is an Airstream, and there is a community available to help you out.

And who are these Airstreamers?  Backgrounds are as diverse as you can imagine.  From pilots to plumbers, CEO’s to craftsmen, artists to musicians, home builders to bankers, accountants to attorneys, housewives to househusbands, bloggers to businesspeople… you get the idea.  There are no criteria other than the ownership of an Airstream.  All that is common is a smile and a “hey how are you?”.

Because the pictures that follow are just the pictures we have, there are MANY more folks we love that just aren’t in these pictures.  What we can say is that everyone we have met has put a smile on our face.

How does it get better than that?  Enjoy.














Thank you all for making our lives richer!


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