Western New York – Aug 2018

Two institutions. Niagara Falls.  And Duff’’s.  You weren’t expecting me to say the Buffalo Bills I hope.

In further testimony to the travails of US Government, US Customs made the mistake of letting us back in the country.  We departed the US earlier in the day from Port Huron, Michigan, and made the trek across Canada and re-entered back into the US at Niagara Falls.  Another missed opportunity for the US Government to keep us out of the country.

Before we left Canada, though, we visited Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.  So yes, this blog post is a bit of a misnomer.  Let’s not quibble.





In classic tourist mode, we decided to take a boat into the breach – up close and personal below Niagara Falls. The water pours over the edge of the falls and drops hundreds of feet, pretty darn close to where the boat pulls up.





Do you think it splashes a bit?  We were soaked!  And everyone on the boat was laughing out loud when we all got wet – it was absolutely drenching!  If you haven’t done this, it is very fun!  Yes, tourist-like, but we are OK with that every once in a while.




And of course, like every tourist place on this planet now, there is a zip line.  If you look closely (not) you can see me (not) zipping (not) down the line here towards (not) near death.  And you thought I was risk-averse.


Anyone ever heard of Buffalo Chicken Wings?  Well, this place may not be absolute ground zero (Anchor Bar patrons will chime in here), but Duff’s in Western New York (Amherst) is an institution.



Duff’s serves the BEST Buffalo Chicken Wings I have ever had!  Opened in 1946, this place changed its’ name to Duff’s Famous Wings in 1985 when wings became their focus.


I ordered my wings mild because I am a complete woos, but feel free to serve yourself a hotter version.


And you never know who you will run in to – we caught up with Barney taking Kathy and Bill out for a walk to do their business!  I just hope he remembered his poop bags.


If you get your butt to the Buffalo area, go see the falls up close, and finish off the day with some outrageously good wings!

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    1. We stayed at Cinderella Motel and Campground, on the US side (can’t recall the town). We weren’t too fussy because it was just one night, but it met our needs and had full hookup.

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