ATL Steeplechase – April 2015

Glam, mud and studs. That pretty much captures our fabulous day at the Atlanta Steeplechase, held at Kingston Downs near Rome, GA. We tailgated in our Airstream along the fence on the backstretch and had a front row view of the riders and horses (if you are not familiar with a steeplechase, it is basically an obstacle course).


In addition to the horse races, there was also Jack Russell Terrier races (or what I prefer to call the Hannibal Lecter races) plus many other activities. This is basically a huge tailgating event, so food and beverages abounded as you might imagine.

Hannibal Lecter wannabes

The weather held off while we were there at the races, but rain the previous days made the farm lands a mud-fest – think Woodstock for preppies. But the best part may have been the glam! Hats, bowties, flowered dress and khakis were the dress code for the day. Oh, and boots (in most cases) to wade through the mud. What a fabulous event!!



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