Palm Springs Part Duh – Mar 2016

Short post – short stay. We came back to Palm Springs for a very short stay at Outside Resort, an RV campground in Cathedral City (adjoins Palm Springs).


I don’t know why we have a hankering for this place, because it is so not us. Maybe it is us and we just don’t know it. There is a part of me that wants to go out and buy white patent leather shoes and gaudy golf pants. Think Al Czervik. “My golf game is getting really good. Last week I got through the windmill.”


Amidst the fancy motor coaches and fifth wheels our trailer looks like the home of Bilbo Baggins. But we are on a pretty sweet site on the golf course. The golf course turns out to be a decent neighbor with great views. Kind of like being camped next to a cemetery. Should I not have said that?





You know your life has entered a new low when you are excited to get your laundry done. So, one of the tasks while here, and before going to a string of state parks with little or no services, was to get our electronics’ batteries charged up and laundry done.

You are getting sleepy

Tomorrow the Haskell’s leave Mayfield and head to new places. Oh boy.

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