Halloween – Oct 2017

We have a rich tradition of Halloween celebrations at our corner in the hood. You may remember last year’s Lazy Clowns Festival, FarmersOnly.com in 2015, the Trauma Center & Buffet in 2014, or any number of past dalliances with absurdity.

This year was The Villages at Prince Howard – retirement living at its finest! Hosted by Don “Long Don” Simpson and Leonard Nerdermeyer, the two of them shared their experiences living at The Villages at Prince Howard for those contemplating that next move – to retirement living.



“Long Don” Simpson and Leonard Nerdermeyer


Long Don strutting his stuff




As explained by “Long Don” and Leonard, there are few limits to the activities at The Villages at Prince Howard: golf, synchronized swimming, sewing, bingo, and one of the perennial favorites: the golf car drill team. Sorry, no archery (we were losing too many members).




We also participated in the Pumpkin Burning at the Coleman’s, as well as the chance to stay connected with neighborhood friends – and watch Game 6 of the World Series!





I can’t tell you the number of people we met last night who visited our neighborhood, but did not live in our neighborhood. These were young families who have learned that for special holidays like Halloween and the Fourth of July there is no more a welcoming place than what we have here in our little corner on this crazy planet.


Let the good times continue to roll!

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