Altamaha River – Mar 2013

What a great weekend trip with the Georgia Conservancy! We camped (me in our Airstream, everyone else in tents) at the Altamaha Regional Park in Brunswick, GA, about 20 miles upstream from Darien GA on the side of the Altamaha River, and then paddled on Saturday from our campsite to Darien, somewhere around 15-20 miles. tumblr_n0prd9Wb3A1trjp5bo1_540 Absolutely gorgeous trip, learned a lot, and met some fun paddling folks.  The Georgia Conservancy had some great people to coordinate and assist, and very informative knowledge of the river system.  Even though we were 15-20 miles upstream, there is still a slight tidal influence at this point and so planning a trip here includes having knowledge of the tides, so you don’t end up paddling against the tide – particularly as you get closer to Darien. tumblr_n0prd9Wb3A1trjp5bo2_540 tumblr_n0prd9Wb3A1trjp5bo3_540 tumblr_n0prd9Wb3A1trjp5bo4_540 tumblr_n0prd9Wb3A1trjp5bo5_540 tumblr_n0prd9Wb3A1trjp5bo6_540 tumblr_n0prd9Wb3A1trjp5bo7_540 On Saturday night the Conservancy put on a foodbag that was fabulous – including fresh made French Fried potatoes that were to die for! tumblr_n0prd9Wb3A1trjp5bo8_540 tumblr_n0prd9Wb3A1trjp5bo9_540 While plans were to do another paddle on Sunday, the weather was less than forgiving and those plans were squashed. What a great time, though! tumblr_n0prd9Wb3A1trjp5bo10_540

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