Brady – Dec 2021

You can choose to love him (because he’s on your team) or hate him (because he’s not on your team), but there is no disputing Tom Brady’s greatness as an NFL quarterback – the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all Time).  The statistics are just silly no matter the criteria.

We had the opportunity to see Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowsky, and the rest of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Atlanta Falcons this past weekend at the Mercedes Benz Stadium, which I have to say is a pretty cool venue.

We delighted watching TB12 playing for the New England Patriots for years, winning multiple Super Bowl rings, and seeing him and the Pats organization being honored in the (another) Boston parade.

Now that he and Gronk are with Tampa Bay, there are two schools of thought: “dead to me” because he left the Patriots, or admiration, because after joining the Bucs they immediately won the Super Bowl.  Can’t have it both ways – we are on the admiration side of the equation.

To watch him play is just so exciting.  Pardon the blurry pictures…

It will be an awfully long time before we see the likes of a Tom Brady again.  Enjoy the moment in time.

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