A Walk in the Woods – June 2016

There is something therapeutic about taking a walk in the woods –  not needing to see anything particular of note, just enjoy what nature offers.

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As a seasoned veteran, though, I know that if I take a walk in the woods without my camera, there will be lions and tigers and dancing bears. So I decided to hoist my camera equipment today and go for a hike in the woods. De facto, with 20 pounds of camera equipment, it was preordained that there would be no lions and tigers and dancing bears.   It was just to be a nice walk in the woods.

Entrance to TCPC

My 5 mile hike was in and around TCPC, the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau Campground, which is an Airstream-only park on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, sitting at around 2,000 feet elevation. The park and the area are stunningly beautiful, which isn’t hard to believe if you’ve ever been to Tennessee.

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The scenery all around central and eastern Tennessee is just beautiful.  And even the local cows enjoy the area and a little “pool” time.


But more of the hike in a moment. A couple of years ago we bought a site here at TCPC, and are just now having a patio structure built to protect us from rain and sun. As our structure nears completion, we decided to do a “trial opening” and have a few people over to test it out. I have to say – it is working out quite well.


A beverage or two, good food and fine friends really makes for a nice evening. Add a little live entertainment, and well, the wheels come off the bus.

Grill Captain





OK, back to the hike. First off, a big thank you to those before me who have designed, signed, and maintained the trail network. Much appreciated! If you are a member of TCPC and recognize Airstream Drive and Airstream Circle but are not familiar with Lake Trail, Creek Trail, Lookout Rock Trail, Sunset Point Loop, Fox Den Bluff or Fern Trail, then you haven’t seen some great places within the park.





Now I will point out that the Creek Trail takes you to the lake, while the Lake Trail takes you to… well… the road. I have never been good at reading or following directions so I am certain the logic exists. Either way, they are beautiful trails.



Since I was not familiar with the hikes, I just set out to find what I would find. Amongst my travels I found an abandoned moonshine still, a beautiful butterfly, a hunting blind (remind me to wear orange during hunting season), and just miles of pretty scenery.


A still is still a still


While the trails are generally in great shape, there are some repairs needed on the lake (already under plan) and the Fern Trail – a crossing over a stream that is in disrepair. While I am not an engineer (that may well be the understatement of the century), I would be happy to help with trail repairs if there is interest beyond my own.

Lake Running Deer under repair
Fern Trail in need of some love

While TCPC is limited to Airstream owners, this is a fantastic park – if you own an Airstream and have not visited the park, you really should add it to your travel itineraries.



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