Meow Wolf – Apr 2021

Some of you suspect, and some of you know that I may lean towards, shall we say, the far side.  But what say you of my bride?  Considered Saint Karen by some, she is most often acknowledged as the kind, smart, normal one in our trailer.  Well, she is all those things… but wait – there’s more!

We are here in Santa Fe to attend Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return.  Yup.  Karen’s idea.

Don’t get me wrong; I love art.  But this is not the High Museum, or Museum of Fine Arts.  It is the House of Eternal Return.  The only thing missing is Frank Zappa or David Byrne greeting you at the front door.

Started in 2008 by a bunch of local artists to produce new and interesting artistic venues, they have produced a number of displays and shows over the years, and then in 2016 opened this permanent art show in what was formally a bowling alley.

At about 20,000 square feet in size, it is a daunting collection of artwork.  Apparently, it has been hugely successful as they are building two new houses – one in Las Vegas, and one this fall in Denver – at over 4 times the size of this one, making it about the size of a Home Depot store!

But really, the story here isn’t the story.  The story is in the art, so sit back and enjoy this snippet from Meow Wolf – certainly a cool stop in Santa Fe if you have a few hours!  Trust me, though – photos don’t capture the experience.  Get out and see Meow Wolf if you can – super fun!

2 thoughts on “Meow Wolf – Apr 2021

  1. very cool! Jim Haskins told me about you. I worked with Jim @ Cisco. We are looking to get an airstream and begin travels so I love watching your adventures! My daughter who is 29 and lived in Denver for a while kept talking about Meow Wolf and so I was shocked to see this. Glad you make it there. She also says we HAVE to attend Burning Man.

    1. Jim is a horse’s ass, and he would be the first to agree with me. He is a good guy. We are on our 4th or 5th Airstream, so you can guess our commitment – love them and the community of users. I wish you good hunting in your process! My wife is a little resistant to Burning Man, although as an amateur photographer it is really quite appealing to me. Maybe next year… Safe travels!

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