Marietta Square (GA) – May 2015

Marietta Square (Marietta, GA) continues to delight! What a great place to go for food for the stomach – and soul, particularly on Tuesday nights when there are bluegrass pickup bands. These folks are a delight to listen to, and Marietta Square has become a “destination” location. Plenty of great restaurants, things to do and see – and of course love the freight trains that still run right behind the square.


This Tuesday we went to Stockyard Burgers and Bones (sorry, no pictures), owned by the same people who own Taqueria Tsunami (another great restaurant). Great meal (had ribs that were great), and the (Angus) burgers they were serving looked fabulous. We also ordered the Stockyard Frites as an appetizer – OMG! Could have made them the meal – totally delicious. We saw an order of onion rings going to another table, and we chatted with the server about what “onion ring snobs” we are, so she brought us a sample of their onion rings. Let me just say we will be ordering them next time. So many good menu items – so little time!

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