Graduation Day – May 2020

Another year of graduating students!  Or was it just another year!?!  I believe this year was, shall we say, distinctive. Let’s consider the traditional high school or college graduation ceremony.  I won’t lie – I don’t remember a damn thing about my graduation ceremonies.  I don’t have pictures of my high school graduation, and my… Read More Graduation Day – May 2020

The Prince Howard Way – Apr 2020

I call it the Prince Howard Way, because this neighborhood has clearly been touched with love and compassion.  When asked recently to donate for healthcare workers at the local hospital, the neighborhood quickly responded with acts of kindness, caring, and consideration. I know this is not just happening in our neighborhood; it is surely happening… Read More The Prince Howard Way – Apr 2020

Christmas Caroling – Dec 2019

Chock up another year of neighborhood caroling!  Yes, the Carol Caravan made it through the hood unscathed, with much joy, many laughs and some great singing! Like any year we have done this, we start with the basics… a trailer with hay, lights (as gaudy as possible), a heavy marketing campaign (a sign), carolers, parental… Read More Christmas Caroling – Dec 2019

Florence and the Machine – Sept 2018

No, not the awesome Indie rock group.  We are talking about Florence (the hurricane/tropical storm) and the Machine (my truck). Timing can work for you… and sometimes not so much.  With tight schedules, we needed to get our truck and utility trailer up to New Hampshire ahead of our closings, and it so happened that… Read More Florence and the Machine – Sept 2018

Block Party – Aug 2018

You’re thinking – the Slowsky’s attended another block party?  Yup.  This year was no exception – a great time in the hood at the Reza Roundup. As I have spoken endlessly before, we live in a great neighborhood, where people actually talk, play, socialize – and enjoy!  And really, when the school bus empties every… Read More Block Party – Aug 2018

Booth Western Art Museum – Nov 2017

I have posted previously on the Booth Western Art Museum (over 2 years ago) but we went back, and still love this place! At 120,000 square feet, the Booth Museum is the largest permanent exhibition of western art – in the country! Situated in downtown Cartersville, GA, we specifically went to see the Ansel Adams… Read More Booth Western Art Museum – Nov 2017

Home of the Braves – Apr 2017

Batter batter batter… We recently toured the brand new Atlanta Braves stadium (SunTrust Park), located OTP (outside the perimeter) in Cobb County, a very short drive from where we live. Very cool! Now this is not Wrigley Field or Fenway Park, but SunTrust Park and The Battery have been built for baseball and making the… Read More Home of the Braves – Apr 2017

3 Years Post Retirement – Mar 2017

Almost to the day for me, it has been 3 years since I (we) retired. Oh, how I miss those days of quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly forecasts… And who doesn’t love a well-placed flaming email distributed to the world.  After retirement, one is forced to forego the joys and luxury of business travel: cramped… Read More 3 Years Post Retirement – Mar 2017

Doll House Trail – Jan 2017

No jaw dropping mountain vista, fabulous sunsets or rolling surf views here – give me urban decay any day. If Tom Holland, David Byrne and Howard Finster collaborated to create a hiking trail, this is what it might look like. From Atlanta city proper follow Moreland Drive south through Reynoldstown, East Atlanta and a few… Read More Doll House Trail – Jan 2017

Krog Street Tunnel – Jan 2017

In Atlanta, sitting directly under the CSX Hulsey Train Yard and connecting the Inman Park and Old Fourth Ward neighborhoods to the north with the Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown neighborhoods to the south, the Krog Street Tunnel, aside from its’ role as a thoroughfare, is a conduit for local graffiti artists. Decorated from stem to stern… Read More Krog Street Tunnel – Jan 2017