2022 in Review – Dec 2022

Intuitively, I know we had a great year this past year.  But, as always, it is not until I go back through our journals that I recognize just how beautiful, complex, and in some areas stressful it was.  I know many of you are expecting the crème de la crème this year to be our stay at an RV resort in Texas, but let’s see how this whole year unfolds before we rush to judgment.

As good as our travels were, the highlight was clearly our son Drew’s wedding in November, which was epic in its’ own rights, but also because it was cause to have our whole family together all at one time and place!

We visited about 30 states during 2022, twenty-four of which now have warrants out for Karen’s arrest.  Who knew those were also federal laws she was breaking?  I try to tell her, but she just won’t listen.

I know we traveled a lot because we just got our personalized Christmas card from the chairman of Exxon-Mobil.  If we didn’t visit your state, it is not because we don’t love you.

Granted, some of these states were drive-through states, but most of them we spent some time.  Normal people (let’s not get ahead of ourselves – that probably does not include you) in the past year visited… I don’t know, a handful of states, maybe less??  We are SO fortunate to be able to travel as we do.  And for as much as we have traveled previously, most of the places we visited in 2022 were new to us.

Due to our plans and circumstances, we had to pack clothing suitable for winter, fall and summer.  And we needed to pack fancy-pants clothing and big-boy shoes for the wedding.  We traveled through the 100’s-degree heat of summer to freezing fall temperatures.

Like many years, we kicked off our travels in January to the Florida Panhandle for the Canopener, a rally of Airstream lunatics, and a great place to talk (trailer) trash with like-minded schizos.

We spent the month of February in New Hampshire – you know, for the weather.

April found me and my buddies at The Masters in Augusta – albeit briefly, due to weather.

Spring and early summer found us again in NH, which is always a gorgeous time of year.  And fun.  We spent a fair amount of time at our favorite biker bar (Wally’s) and tried out a new (to us) music venue at Jimmy’s Jazz Club in Portsmouth – which is great.

Jimmy’s Jazz and Blues Club

But travel beckoned, so we headed west in August.  You can see our previous posts from travels this past summer and fall but let me just say – this was one of the most spectacular trips we have taken – simply beautiful, to places including Nebraska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

Ultimately, we cut our trip short to hustle back to Georgia to sell our house – all which we completed, from getting home, cleaning the house, listing it for sale and closing – in three weeks’ time.  Herculean, if I may say so.

After selling our house, we were essentially homeless.  Our cottage in NH was in the process of being gutted for some improvements, so we headed west again, ultimately to be in Denver for our son’s wedding in November.  As magical as our travels had been, the wedding trumped it all.

Alas, we are back in NH for the winter, and enjoying being near the beach.  Snow is falling north of us, so pretty soon it’ll be time to get out the boards to go skiing.

Could we have had a more eclectic year?  I think not.  But a wonderful year it was.

Safe travels, and hopes to you for a happy, healthy, and exciting 2023!

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