Lake Havasu City (AZ) – Feb 2020

You know your unhealthy interest in fireworks is excessive if it has caused you to make a 1,500-mile trip to attend the Western Winter Blast, an assemblage of like-minded individuals who have a slightly outsized and unnatural attraction to exploding cylinder shells. Combine Woodstock (add 40 years to the average attendee’s age), the tailgating of… Read More Lake Havasu City (AZ) – Feb 2020

Gospel Night at the Pops – June 2019

Can I get an amen?  We attended Gospel Night at the Pops inside Boston’s Symphony Hall last night.  Let me just say Hallelujah! After meeting with friends and enjoying an unbelievable dinner in Eataly at La Pizza e La Pasta (let me just say – this was SUPERB!), we walked the short distance from the… Read More Gospel Night at the Pops – June 2019

Tis the Season – Dec 2018

First, a moment of respect and a thousand points of light for George H. W. Bush.  RIP,  41. Please, in the name of all things sacred to young children, DO NOT let your children read this post any further unattended!  Parental supervision is highly recommended. Most of us recognize truth as being independent of belief. … Read More Tis the Season – Dec 2018

Muscle Shoals – Jan 2018

Music meccas… New York, LA, Boston, Nashville, Memphis, Muscle Shoals… Wait, what? Do the names Paul Simon, Aretha Franklin, Percy Sledge, the Black Keys, Etta James, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Boz Scaggs, Lynard Skynard, Duane Allman, or Wilson Pickett ring a bell? They (and many more) all recorded great music – in the Muscle Shoals… Read More Muscle Shoals – Jan 2018

Long Live Rock – Nov 2017

The ‘60’s and ‘70’s was a unique period in this country – captured in its politics, war, art, resistance, culture, and arguably most notably, its music.   This renaissance in music during this time (and beyond!) is captured at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Rock and roll hardly dried up after the ‘70’s, so… Read More Long Live Rock – Nov 2017

Musical Instrument Museum – Feb 2017

A musical instrument museum? Really? Cha! The Musical Instrument Museum (Phoenix) might be the coolest thing ever. Recommended to us by new Airstream buddies at McDowell Mountain RP, we went for an afternoon to see this unassuming looking museum. It is technically in Phoenix, but really close to Sedona. Neither of us are die-hard museum-goers,… Read More Musical Instrument Museum – Feb 2017

Canopener Cornhole – 2016

Today was the Canopener Cornhole Competition, a highly competitive event as part of the Airforums rally for Airstreams called Canopener, at Topsail SP in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. The cornhole event was made either more or less competitive as it followed Margaritaville (thank you Pat and Greg) and a homemade chili extravaganza (thank you everyone).… Read More Canopener Cornhole – 2016

Kingsized Holiday Jubilee – Dec 2015

I guess the first thing I should say about the Kingsized Holiday Jubilee with Kingsized and the Dames Aflame is that it is held in the Little Five Points (L5P) area of Atlanta. Brought to our attention by our friends Lucius and Danielle, think of this show as a family friendly Christmas pageant with a… Read More Kingsized Holiday Jubilee – Dec 2015

Falluminum – Oct 2015

It has happened again – a truly magnificent weekend in the north Georgia mountains with Airstreams, vintage trailers and really cool people! Every year for the past 10++ years Alan and Shannon have organized a meet-up of like-minded folks who enjoy good company, breaking bread, and sharing their love for Airstreams and other really cool… Read More Falluminum – Oct 2015

Randall Bramblett Concert – Aug 2015

Randall Bramblett, having toured with bands including the Gregg Allman Band, Traffic, Widespread Panic and worked with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Robbie Robertson, Elvin Bishop and others, and having produced multiple CD’s with his own band as a singer/songwriter, performed in a free concert last night as part of Mountain View Arts Alliance Summer… Read More Randall Bramblett Concert – Aug 2015