Alaska (16) Hyder – Aug 2017

Last stop: Hyder. Located on the southernmost tip of Alaska, it is situated south of Juneau on the Canadian border, at the northern end of the Portland Canal, nestled between mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, abutting the Tongass National Forest, amidst gorgeous surroundings. Because of its remote location, it took us six days travel (not in a… Read More Alaska (16) Hyder – Aug 2017

Alaska (15) Nabesna Road – Aug 2017

Wrangell – St. Elias National Park. Yes, I know I have gushed about this park previously (Chapter 2 and Chapter 3), but we returned having left the Kenai Peninsula and a brief pause in Anchorage, and caught a break with some fabulous weather! We headed east from Anchorage on the Glenn Highway towards the park.… Read More Alaska (15) Nabesna Road – Aug 2017

Alaska (14) Kenai Peninsula – Aug 2017

Last stops on the Kenai Peninsula. As we depart the Kenai, it seemed appropriate to show a few pictures that reflect Alaskan culture: birds, bears and fish. We diverted from the main “highway” onto Skilak Road (a suggestion from friends we met), a gravel road that took us near the Kenai River and several lakes.… Read More Alaska (14) Kenai Peninsula – Aug 2017

Alaska (13) Anchor Point – Aug 2017

Anchor Point, on the Kenai Peninsula. And eagles. In a minute. One of the many things we have learned about Alaska is there are about 20 seasons – all having to do with particular fish, their stage of life – and whereabouts. Seasons in Alaska have names like Silver, King, Red, Grayling, Coho, Halibut, Rainbow,…… Read More Alaska (13) Anchor Point – Aug 2017