The Basilica of ATX – May 2023

No, we are not at Saint Peter’s Basilica.  But we are near a royal place.  People have their own most reverent places to go.

Folks might go to Saint Peter’s, the Hurva Synagogue, the Pashupatinath Temple, the Masjid al‑Haram Mosque.  The Simpsons go to the First Church of Springfield.  The Slowskys go to Franklin’s BBQ in Austin.  More on that in a bit.

In discussing with friends our route from New Hampshire to Colorado, we explain that Austin is right on the way.  They look at us like we are cray cray.  Don’t they know geography?  Duh.  Perhaps they just don’t appreciate our conviction.

Before we get to Austin, we did make a couple of notable stops: at TCPC on the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau, at Red Top State Park in Acworth, GA, and at our old stomping grounds in Marietta.

TCPC is always a great stop, with awesome food and laughter, plus some interesting entertainment.  There were some new dance moves from Bad Boy Record’s Rap MasterBlaster C.  Can’t touch this.

Not like that wouldn’t justify the cost of admission, there was an AC/DC cover band – AB/CD, complete with air guitar performances.  That’s just Tennessee, man.  I think we may be thunderstruck.

From TCPC we camped at Red Top SP on Lake Allatoona, there for Karen’s book club weekend.  The ladies rented a cabin (beautiful new cabins, I might add).  Truth be told, I have yet to see any of these ladies pick up a book.

Next stop: our old neighborhood in Marietta.  It was strange to be back in the hood, where we literally parked in a neighbor’s driveway directly across the street from our old house.  Our neighbors put on a wonderful party for us, which was a hoot – MUCH laughing, and great to see our friends.

Leaving Georgia, we made a few innocuous stops on our way to Austin for a brief stop, where we camped at one of our all-time favorite campgrounds, Pecan Grove.

Yes, we are in Austin.  Again.  I know this story gets old, and yet, here we are.  This is what boring people do – they go back to the same old place repeatedly.  A complete lack of imagination.  Kids, spread our ashes around Lady Bird Lake and call it a day.

If you have read some of our previous posts over the years, you would know we have stayed here many times.  You may be forgiven if you don’t read our posts.  I don’t.

If you know anything about Austin, you know two things: it is weird, and it is dog friendly.  We met both on our first night, when we walked next door to Juliet’s, an Italian restaurant.

We also made a stop at one of our favorite BBQ joints – Terry Black’s on Barton Springs Road.  Black’s is amazing; had a beef rib, sausage and chopped beef.  We have had their brisket and pork ribs previously (also wonderful), and honestly, this place is FABULOUS.  By the way, their original sausage is just killer.

Austin is such a cool town, with so many public spaces.   We camp near Barton Springs and the Barton Creek Greenbelt, where there are literally miles and miles of hiking/jogging/biking paths.

I know it is concrete and steel, but even the skyline is pretty cool.

Hello??  What about Franklin’s?  While in Austin, we had previously scheduled to purchase briskets at Franklin’s BBQ to bring with us to Denver for Child Unit 2, and (dare I say?) Child Unit 2a’s wedding reception.  We have had Franklin’s brisket before, and if you have, you know this place is sacred.

Truth be told, we did not plan to eat at Franklin’s, as that would require to stand in line at some ungodly hour.  Anyone who knows me knows that anything before noon is in the middle of my REM zone.

Upon arriving to pick up our briskets, I said to Karen, “Hey, while you are there, see if we can get some ribs with that order!”  She (and I) both think no freaking way.  But ask, and ye shall receive!  Sure enough, my bride comes out with our briskets AND a piping warm rack of pork ribs that we quickly took back to our campsite.

Whatever the hype about Franklin’s?  Totally earned.  We have had their brisket (years ago now) and that was manna from heaven.  These ribs?  SOOO good!  Makes me want to go home and sell my smoker.  I may never be able to eat ribs again.  We have been forever spoiled.

On to Denver.  You may recall that our son got married last November in Denver, where they found some reprobate to officiate their ceremony.  This month our newly married couple will host their wedding reception near Rocky Mountain National Park, at a YMCA camp in Estes Park.  My bride and I are just part of the catering service.

We’ll see you after the reception – wish us luck!  And get your butts to Austin!

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    1. Pally! Would love to, but not this trip. Didn’t even have time to reach out to BG while in ATX. Maybe Grass Valley 2024!

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