Slight Pause in Ski Season – Dec 2018

Sadly, I must report a short pause in this year’s ski season. Let me tell you my latest real-life experience. As I think I may have mentioned previously, if you are a resident of New Hampshire and are older than dirt, you can ski for free at Cannon Mountain during the week.  That, my friends,… Read More Slight Pause in Ski Season – Dec 2018

Tis the Season – Dec 2018

First, a moment of respect and a thousand points of light for George H. W. Bush.  RIP,  41. Please, in the name of all things sacred to young children, DO NOT let your children read this post any further unattended!  Parental supervision is highly recommended. Most of us recognize truth as being independent of belief. … Read More Tis the Season – Dec 2018

November in New England – Nov 2018

More accurately, this post could have been labeled “Everything Within 5 Miles of our House”. OK, so we haven’t done a lot of traveling in the last few months.  Well, except for moving 1,200 miles north.  So this post is really more about our November. The Airstream is winterized and tucked away in our yard for… Read More November in New England – Nov 2018

Boston’s Red Sox Parade – Oct 2018

If you are talking about baseball in October, something has gone right.  And this year something has gone REALLY right!  Yes, the Red Sox are World Champions, having beaten the New York Yankees for the ALCS, and the LA Dodgers in the baseball World Series. Now if you have been a Red Sox fan for… Read More Boston’s Red Sox Parade – Oct 2018

Photography – Sept 2018

Engineers tortured since birth must dominate the design of photographic equipment.  Their mission is to torment the rest of us with obscure concepts that begins with f stops.  F stops, really?  I say f that. The world of photography is amazingly complex – which is why photographic equipment is so advanced – and expensive.  But… Read More Photography – Sept 2018

Florence and the Machine – Sept 2018

No, not the awesome Indie rock group.  We are talking about Florence (the hurricane/tropical storm) and the Machine (my truck). Timing can work for you… and sometimes not so much.  With tight schedules, we needed to get our truck and utility trailer up to New Hampshire ahead of our closings, and it so happened that… Read More Florence and the Machine – Sept 2018

Block Party – Aug 2018

You’re thinking – the Slowsky’s attended another block party?  Yup.  This year was no exception – a great time in the hood at the Reza Roundup. As I have spoken endlessly before, we live in a great neighborhood, where people actually talk, play, socialize – and enjoy!  And really, when the school bus empties every… Read More Block Party – Aug 2018

Deschutes National Forest – July 2018

We have just wrapped up a few days in the Deschutes National Forest in western Oregon, perhaps an hour drive west and south of Bend.  I know I sound like a broken record, but two words describe this place:  pretty freaking cool.  Freaking is not a word, I think we all know that. Deschutes National… Read More Deschutes National Forest – July 2018

Crater Lake NP – July 2018

Continuing in our all-volcano, all-the-time channel, this installment is Crater Lake National Park. What a stunning area – holy crap! Now remember, even though this is a lake, it is really a volcano, caused from the collapse of a volcano that then filled with water.  The volcanoes here are over 400,000 years old.  Don’t lie to me… Read More Crater Lake NP – July 2018

Lassen Volcanic NP – July 2018

We visited hell, devastation, chaos, and boiling mud.  No, not the nightly news –  Lassen Volcanic National Park, in northern California at the southern tip of the Cascade Range.  We seem to be entering our “volcanic” period.  I guess like volcanoes themselves, you don’t plan for this period. They just happen.  Volcanoes happen, as the saying… Read More Lassen Volcanic NP – July 2018