Canyonlands NP (UT) – Sept 2013

For anyone who has traveled to the western national parks, you already know that most of them are comprised of breathtaking views, and Canyonlands National Park is no exception.

Canyonlands National Park


Mesa Arch


We traveled off road on some of the 4 wheel trails. They are more than a little intimidating;  I would have preferred to be in a Jeep with a shorter wheelbase. With an F250 Crew Cab, some of the hairpin turns required a 3 point turn – really intimidating when you are 2-3 feet from sliding off a cliff. On one of the trails, we had to turn around due to a boulder whose clearance was too low for the F250 and kayaks.  But the views?  Spectacular.

IMG_5565 IMG_5578 IMG_5582IMG_5625 IMG_0926   IMG_5646 IMG_5650

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