Marfa (TX) – October 2013

If this isn’t just the coolest place on earth, I don’t know what would be. Marfa, TX is pretty much in the middle of nowhere (not too far in a relative sort of way to Big Bend National Park); artsy, fartsy mixed with throw down farmers and cattle hands. Fabulous destination if you have a full tank of fuel and time, and you’re not real hung up on anything traditional.


Check out the Prada store on the outskirts of town, for example. Not a real store, just a piece of artwork. El grande cool.


We stayed at the Tumble In RV Park.  All I can say is wicked awesome!  Check out the registration office. IMG_6758 IMG_6686 IMG_6732 IMG_6723

Grilled cheese anyone? Only available starting at midnight.

IMG_6736 IMG_0986 IMG_0993

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