Grand Canyon North (AZ) – Oct 2013

What can you possibly say about the Grand Canyon that either hasn’t already been said or simply doesn’t need to be said?


We arrived at the North Rim campground 6 hours before the government shutdown, so the next morning the rangers came around and told us we needed to vacate within 48 hours. Fortunate for us, that was the extent of our reservation anyway. We almost had the campground to ourselves!

We caught a huge break, and were able to have dinner at the Lodge, window seating as walk-ins! Typically it is a year wait to get a table at the restaurant. Our parting shot was of the closed gate. Sad for most, but lucky for us.

IMG_5794 IMG_5811 IMG_5823 IMG_5850 IMG_5863 IMG_0941 IMG_5873

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