Eastern PA – Aug 2014

We stayed a few nights in eastern Pennsylvania, with two nights in a very quiet Lake Towhee County Park in Bucks County; with a dozen campsites available we were the only ones there (apart from Ranger Rick, who made sure we followed park procedures). No facilities (no problem), but the park looked like it had been ignored for the last 30-40 years. Even so, it suited our purposes.


We hiked around Lake Nockamixon (and met an unexpected guest on the trail), and participated in an LL Bean sponsored paddleboard coarse – terrific! In our quest for a dog wash we went to a pet store that had an enormous tortoise out walking the aisles! From there we traveled a few hours to Promised Land State Park, where we spent our time reading around a campfire. Evening temperatures were in the mid 50’s – perfect sleeping weather, and the area was gorgeous; will definitely come back to this park when we have more time!

IMG_9034 IMG_9043 IMG_9050

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