Pork U (GA) – July 2014

I attended Pork U, a one day course on BBQ given by Sam Huff (Head Hog), a well known local BBQ master and his team. Sam and his wife (Diane, Queen of Pork) own BBQ1 (barbeque restaurants well known to the local community) with several locations in Cobb County (GA). What a day!!


It so happens a film crew was on-site for a good part of the day recording in anticipation of a one-hour Georgia Traveler barbeque special to air on GPB (Georgia Public Broadcasting) some time in the fall. It turns out I got my 15 seconds of fame but I have yet to see the show (several people have complained about seeing me on TV :)).  We opened the day with coffee, pancakes and sausage (what else?), and then went into our master’s course on barbeque techniques.


We covered chicken wings (slow cooked and then grilled), a stuffed pork tenderloin, baby back ribs, St. Louis style ribs, Boston Butt, beef brisket, cole slaw, a Dutch oven peach cobbler – I am probably forgetting things as the day went by like a blur. With as much smoking of foods as I have done, I realized how little I knew! Yikes!  At days end, we sat down together for a feast, which included Sam’s infamous macaroni and cheese – OMG. This was a tremendous event, would highly recommend it to others! Sam and his wife Diane were perfect hosts at their beautiful home (Wits End). Thank you Sam and Diane!

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